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Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a product tester for Coyote Sports. In order for us to select the right person for the right product to test, we need some more information from you. Please can you fill in the information below and return to us as soon as possible.  If more than one person is applying please complete the below for each person.

Once this information has been received you will immediately be added to our product tester selection panel. We cannot guarantee that everyone who has shown an interest will receive products, however we will try our best to ensure that everyone gets to try something. This is an ongoing project so it may take some time before you receive any more information from us.

Once we have a product we think suitable for you to test for us, we will email you with the product information. We then send the product to you for testing. A short written report with photos or edit highlighting the product positives and negatives will be required after two weeks. The product is then yours to keep.

We have products ready to be tested now so the sooner you send the information back to us the sooner you can get products to test.

If you need any more information just ask.

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