Freshpark is the Californian home of foldable portable action sports obstacles. A big mouthful, right? Not as big as the idea behind it. Roger Hickey, previous World Downhill Skateboarding Champion, came up with the innovative plan to bring the skate park to you.

Born in 2001, the company has worked to develop the “Skate Park in a Box”, the only brand that makes it possible for boarders to build a fresh park (get it?) every day. The sports obstacles fold into compact boxes, making them easily portable to set up, well, anywhere. And on top of that, they’re completely strong and stable too, replicating a solid obstacle you’d find in your local park without the disenchantment of monotony.

Inspired by the ingenuity that his products could allow, Hickey now sells a wide range of developed park obstacles worldwide and fully challenges the boarders of today to “out-engineer” him in regards to creativity when building up their very own Freshpark.

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