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Adam Lievesley

What was the first camera you ever owned? …..
my first camera was a nikon d3000 dslr.
What equipment do you currently use?…..
I use a nikon d800 with a few lenses.
70_200 f2.8
and 2 flashes

Best location for images….. simple non clutted places I like so white walls or juts a lone quarter.

A rider I would like to photograph…… 100% lady Edgar then Sergio Lagos and Dylan lewis they’re just so good go high and hold tricks.

If I am not taking photos I like to? ….. ride, swim or chill with my girlfriend and mates.

What makes me smile is ….. a friend landing a trick they’ve been trying for ages.

The thing I love is ….. food loads of food.

The person who has inspired me the most …..  any sick photographer really.

I don’t like ….. bullshitters and fish.

I collect …..old cameras.

I’m a bit ….. played back nothing really gets me worked up.

Music I love ….. chvches, bring me the horizon, while she sleeps, being as an ocean , enter shikari, parkway drive stuff like that .

A few years ago ….. I finished school and started sixth form and started to push my photography.

I always wanted …. to get a picture in print in ride UK BMX but they stopped printing. I was supposed to have one of my pics in the last ever one bit the company ran the wrong picture. gutted.

What can you not live without? ….. my bike or camera.

There is no limit to ….. my hunger.

What is the one rule you live by? ….. don’t be boring or make the most of every day.


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