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Joe Palethorpe

What was the first camera you ever owned? The first came i owned was a Lumix G1 which got passed down to me from my grandad, i started to use it more often and fall in love with photography.

What equipment do you currently use? I currently use a Can 7D, canon 70-200mm f/4, canon 50mm f/1.8, sayang 8mm fisheye, Tameron 18-200mm, canon 430exii flash gun and yongnuo YN622C flash triggers. Plus i love using my Gopro hero 3 for POV videos.

Best location for images I wouldn’t say i have a best location to take photos, I like to explore different ways to get the best image wherever I am. Saying that I did love shooting in Austria over the lakes and in the mountains.

A rider I would like to photograph I love taking photos of Tom Justice because his style is just amazing! I would love to take photos of Ryan Taylor because he know what tricks look good for photos, I would also like to take photos of Keven Peraza because I love his style of riding.

If I am not taking photos I like to? if i am not taking photos i am usually riding myself, or making the most of life and having a good time.

What makes me smile is Lots of things make me smile, having good times, having good laughs, just being around good people and enjoying life.

The thing I love is the thing i love is how many people are supporting me in what i do, it really motivates me to do well and push myself. i also love seeing the people i love achieving well in what they want.
There are a couple of people that inspired me to do what i do, my mum and dad are behind me 100% which means so much to me! my Grandad got me into photography and i guess without him i would never have found my dream. Also one of my best friends, Eloise Simpson, she pushed me and motivated me to go into what i love doing throughout the time i have known her, i can see that she really believes in me which means so much.

I don’t like I don’t like people being negative, i don’t like there being a negative energy around me because it gets me in an up-tight mood. whats wrong with a good smile and being happy?
I collect i can’t say i collect anything other than injuries from falling off my bike haha.

I’m a bit energetic, i always want to be out and about and having fun. i would much rather be doing something productive than sitting watching TV.
Music I love i love all types of music, apart from the music in the charts, anything else i will listen to.

A few years ago i started my degree in sport development and coaching at the university of Lincoln, i graduate in September 2016. Even though i am not going into a career to do with my degree, i do not regret anything.

I have always wanted to travel the world, i know it pretty cliche for a kid to go travelling but i just want to see the world and take my camera everywhere.
I can’t live without my car, as much as i wish i didn’t use it as much, i rely on it so much for work and every day life.

There is no limit to life, do whatever makes you happy and don’t let anything hold you back. Your life is what you make it!

What is the one rule you live by? The one rule i live by is ‘never let society decide your fate, if you want something, go get it’.

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