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Owen Peters Photography

What equipment do you currently use?…..

I currently use a Sony A57 as the A57 was great when I used to film edits but not so great at photos. Hopefully going to get a new cam before the end of the year. I also use 3 Yongnuo YN-560 flashes. Cheap and cheerful.
Best location for images…..
I love anything with a bit of character. I like to take photos that don’t look like any other. Stockport is full of great spots for shots.


A rider I would like to photograph……

Being a blader by heart I would love to photograph Eugen Enin. He has a different outlook on every spot he goes to. He tries things people haven’t even thought of.
If I am not taking photos I like to? …..
Skate and sleep!


What makes me smile is …..
Travelling and seeing new places.


The thing I love is …..

Listening to live music. Can’t beat a good gig.
The person who has inspired me the most …..
My parents. They always put me in the right direction.


I don’t like …..
Not having money for new photography gear haha!
I collect …..

Sounds very sad but I collect rocks and crystals. Just something I have liked to do since I was young.
Music I love …..
I love anything where you can tell someone has put a lot of work in and created something that is special to them. If that be hip hop, opera, indie or rock. Can’t beat creativity.


A few years ago …..
I snapped my arm on a trampoline. Not fun at all. Took 3 months to heal and is still not right.


I always wanted ….

A car so I can go where I want, when I want. Sick of waiting for busses.
What can you not live without? …..

Going to sounds very touché but I couldn’t live without my camera. It keeps me busy and lets me go places, meet people I never thought I would.


What is the one rule you live by? …..
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!


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