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Sam Eckersley – Eckers Photo


What was the first camera you ever owned? The first digital camera I ever owned was a canon 1000d which is an entry level series dslr. The first film camera I owned was an Olympus om10.

What equipment do you currently use?….My current digital setup is a canon 5diii with a number of different lenses including a canon 16-35mm 2.8 L and a sigma 50mm 1.4.

My analog setup changes all the time because I’m constantly buying new film cameras but my go-to is an Olympus mjuii I also use flashes and homemade equipped for light painting.

Best location for images….. I think that the best location for images are spots that are out of the ordinary, I’m always on the hunt for new locations that have never been shot. The best place I have shot is a set of 50ft disused radars, flicks can be found on my website

A rider I would like to photograph…… Chase Hawk.

If I am not taking photos I like to? ….. If I’m not behind a camera I’m usually skating at beast rampz

What makes me smile is …. Snapping something exactly how I visualised, there is no better feeling than seeing something in your mind and making it a reality.

The thing I love is ….. Sleeping

I don’t like ….. Busses.

I collect ….. Film cameras and vinyls

Music I love …. Dnb, jungle, U.K. Hip hop, reggae, garage

A few years ago ….. I broke my collarbone and carried on shooting for 3 hours

I always wanted …. To travel the world

What can you not live without? ….. A skateboard

What is the one rule you live by? ….. Don’t let other people’s opinions deter you in any way

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