Tannus Aither 1.1 700 x 23c Review Click to enlarge

Tannus Aither 1.1 700 x 23c Review

Report from a cyclist who uses the Tannus Aither 1.1 700x23c

“I finally raced the tyres and passing people with ease, on the bike, I normally romp the bike leg, so fast set up is important to me, I did indeed finish 10th, which is typical for me, so I can say I found no noticeable time penalty with the aither 1.1’s , the tyres were in fact also excellently comfortable even in just a tri suit, and quieter than I thought they’d be at speed (26mph),

Lots of people we’re interested to know more about them after the race, as I’d posted my intentions to race them the week before, to show they’re not just ‘training’ tyres, and as this course is unpleasant to get a puncture on, being along the side a dual carriage way for around 16miles this is a big plus, I’ve even agreed to lend a set out to prospective buyers, so hopefully you might be able to help, as I have a spare set of wheels if you find some spare tyres (I’d suggest the 28’s)

I was worried at the start as it was cold and there’s 4, 90° turns, in the first 1000m and I was dripping wet in the bike (triathlon) so this was the first time I’d had these conditions,

I’d done about 100m in the tyres to scrub them in, (which I’d do anyway), but they felt very confident, and needn’t have worried at all,

Thank you

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